Pampering services

At Le Collatéral, the Hospitality of Najate, Yan and Sébastien. Around Le Collatéral, the Well-being team

Care "à la carte" and on request, treatments on site or nearby.

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Isabelle Nyssen

Shiatsu, meditate,

Do-in& Kubido

Initiated by Japanese masters, Isabelle performs the art of stable and continuous pressure at the highest level to provide relaxation, restore balance and re-establish the circulation of vital flows.


Thaï massage


Yes, her name is Stop. But don't let this get in the way, on the contrary! Stop practices a very invigorating massage, between pressure and stretching, in the respect of the thousand-year-old tradition of the "art of touch".

Capucine Demnard


& Hata yoga

Capucine has created an integrative health method based on different vibratory techniques using Tibetan bowls, gongs, tuning forks and the application of essential oils. The treatment program is designed after consultation, according to your needs of the moment.

Rosa Pilpel

Lilly Gratzfield & Chloé Maugard



Lilly is a culinary artist who preserves, transforms and enhances food products, in particular through fermentation techniques whose virtues she transcends.

Chloé is art director, she created scenographies and offers a unique universe according to Lilly's dishes.

This is something to be discovered and shared in her workshop-lab at La Roquette, or in live sessions at Le Collatéral.

Marie Muccio

Healthy food

To the flavors of her strictly vegetarian cuisine, Marie adds a firm belief: eating well is also a way of taking care of yourself. One understands that much by listening to her, and even more so by tasting the recipes she likes not only to propose, but also to pass on.

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